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What is immobilization?
To make something immobile or immovable.  Typically, THE CLUB is placed on the steering column to immobilize a vehicle.  There are other ways to make a vehicle immobile, but THE CLUB is most common. 

What is the cost for 10-day immobilization?
Each county varies.  Please fill out the contact form and include your probation office to see if you qualify for a discount or the already low standard rate.

Can you split a 10-day immobilization in half?
Ask your probation officer if two 5-day immobilizations are allowed for a 1st conviction.  There is an extra charge for a split service.

What forms of payment are accepted?
E3i uses PayPal and accepts all major credit cards.  Payment can be made securely onsite through the PayPal mobile app or preordered payment over the phone.  Confirmation of payment through PayPal will be sent by email or text.  Cash is accepted.  NO CHECKS.

Is E3i compliant with Florida Statutes to be an immobilization agency?
E3i is in strict compliance with Florida Statutes Section 316.193 (13)(a)(b)(c).  A notarized immobilization agency affidavit will always be with each technician that services a vehicle.

What are the hours and schedule days for a 10-day immobilization?
E3i hours are 9am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday. Typically, E3i does not schedule 1st day of immobilization on Thursdays, because it requires a Sunday pickup.  If an emergency immobilization is needed, please call or click the “contact us” tab and fill out the comment box, letting us know it needs to be done. 

Are there discounts or promotions available for E3i immobilization service?
E3i offers discounts through social media outlets.  Either click the “LIKE” button on our Facebook page:, or follow us on twitter: @e3immobilize for a 15% discount.  We work with numerous correction offices and probation officers, so there may already be a set fee that includes a discount. 

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